About Ecuador

Ecuador is a country located right in the center of the earth; in South America is one of the countries with more quantity of amazing wildlife along all the territory compared with its area in America.

It is due, at geography, location and different natural phenomes that happen on the Equator line. In this territory has been created a huge variety of microclimates than are from sea level until the top of glacier with more 20.700 feet above sea level. And so our country is distributed in four regions: Galapagos Island, Coast, Highlands (sierra) and Amazonia each one with theirs own characteristic and so different one to other.

The Ecuadorian people are simples and friendly people; than habited in the 4 four region all them with the characteristic of their regions. Our country is multicultural and multiethnic where live afro American community, mestizos, Caucasian people, indigenous, Asiatic people and many else, it´s a site where you will appreciate the different costumes, beliefs, activities, landscapes, festivities, culture, food, indigenous traditions by different origins that had have each one of them.

It has created a syncretism in the society that you will see in this country, everywhere.

Ecuador in general is safe and quiet place so you can visit any day of the year, all the regions, the access and road in the country are so fine and depending the region to visit, you will need different equipment in Coast and Galapagos lighter and suitable wear for the temperature than is warm between 26°C to 32°C, for the highland that is cold temperature between 7°C and 14°C comfortable and warm clothes and for the Amazonia similar as coast is almost 20°C to 24°C so is recommendable bring deet and as optional vaccine for the malaria if you need.

Spanish is the official language of Ecuador. Chuar-Shiwiar, Cha’palaachi, Cofan, Colorado (Tsachila), Cuaiquer are some of the indigenous languages spoken in the country.

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