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According to the study carried out by investigators of the State University of Michigan, the University of Chicago and the University of Indiana, the countries which form the Top 10 are the ones in which people can relate to one another more easily through “an emotional connection with another person’s experiences”, in other words, “sharing your feelings”. The research was based on concepts such as: collectivism, friendliness, self-confidence, mood, subjective well-being and pro-social behavior.  
Ecuadorians are naturally friendly and helpful. They enjoy receiving visitors and are proud of the fact that foreigners travel to Ecuador. Therefore, Ecuadorians are happy to help if they get lost or are simply just looking for advice on places to go and how to get there. In a lot of the smaller towns, in family-owned hotels and youth hostels, guests are treated like part of the family and are truly well attended by the owners. Ecuadorians are very proud of their culture, passionate about their traditions and keen to share their customs and rituals.

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