Ecuadorian Andes
In the Ecuadorian Andes, the afternoon sun covers extensive areas of untouched moors, while further below in the valleys, it lights up fields of corn, barley, wheat and quinoa, dying them with tints of gold, amber, lilac, and amethyst which change in accordance with the inconstant clouds.
In the Andes, in the lands of eternal games of light and shade, nature and human activity, there is not a single day which is the same.
Considered the most important region of Ecuador, and commonly known as the “range”, it is the most visited area in the whole country. Its huge natural and cultural diversity emcompasses moors, clouded forests, lakes, active volcanos, thermal waters, indigenous markets, cities, villages and colonies.

The Amazonian Jungle

Charming and touristic, these lands constitute a hymn of creation, an idyllic place where the tourist will be fascinated by its wild sceneries and its clear lagoons with a variety of fauna. Due to its privileged location in the great Amazon basin, this region is characterised by its great natural richness and impressive biodiversity which makes it paradise-like. Its afternoons have unique colors which are reflected in the waters of its crystalline rivers and lagoons which are accompanied by birds’ song and the roar of wild animals.

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