This full-day tour to North Seymour Island is perfect if you want to see wildlife and enjoy the nature Duration: 8 hours Details Departure from the hote..
This full-day tour to North Seymour Island is perfect if you want to see wildlife and enjoy the nature Duration: 8 hours


Departure from the hotel at 8:00 a.m. to the Itabaca Channel to board the yacht that will take its course to this magnificent uninhabited island. North Seymour island is a spectacular place to hike, swim and enjoy snorkeling. On this island you can see Palo Santo tres and colonies of blue-footed boobies (they perform their mating dance in the opened areas of the island). Enjoy the view of seagulls sitting on the edges of the cliffs and admire numerous birds in their frigates nests. Across the island, and while the waves crash on the rocks, you will also appreciate the mischievous sea lions playing and surfing in the sea. North Seymour is mostly flat and arid, with some vegetation including cactus, palo santo and salt bushes. The area of the islands is about 1.9 square kilometers and reachs a maximum altitude of 28 meters. North Seymour was formed by a lifting of the lava rock based under the ocean and is separated from Baltra Island by a small canal. Seymour Island is best known as "Seymour Norte". There is a circular path about 2 kilometers long that crosses the interior of the island and takes place to explore the rocky coast path. This trail will take you through some of the largest seabird colonies in the Galapagos Islands. In this path you will have the opportunity to observe the nesting sites of Blue-Footed Booby and bright colorful frigates that are visible throughout the year. You will be fascinated with the comical mating dance or ritual performed by blue-footed boobies. Booby female is slightly larger and the male booby likes whistle. Sometimes boobies nest are located right on the tourist trail, so you have to be a little careful not to step on them when walking around. Most birds in Galapagos are not afraid by humans. You can look at the nests many of these species very close including gulls, frigates and yellow trinadores. One of the biggest attractions of North Seymour Island is to look at the frigate birds with its huge red swish hanging from their necks. They inflate their red swish when trying to attract or draw attention to a couple, these birds are also known for stealing food from the blue-footed boobies. Since the boobies are excellent fishermen, frigates in North Seymour depend on the success pikemen fishing for their survival. The main attractions in North Seymour island are: frigates, boobies, gulls earwigs, green sea turtles and the famous Galapagos sharks.