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What is TourCert? 

TourCert, the non-profit company for certification in tourism, awards the TourCert label for CSR to tourism companies.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) describes the responsibility assumed by a company for its impact on society. In this regard, TourCert has developed strict criteria. To be TourCert-certified, a company must fulfill certain management, reporting and performance requirements. Advisors provide support for the development of CSR in a company through coaching, training and online tools. Independent assessors regularly examine sustainability performance; the honorary TourCert Certification Council is the highest decision-making body.


The company was founded in 2009 by four not-for-profit organizations. It unites experts from the fields of tourism, academic institutions, environment, development, and politics. With their long-standing experience, it stands for sound criteria development and certification.


Decisions regards the award of the label and the accreditation of assessors are made by the independent and honorary TourCert Certification Council. The Council also decides on the certification guidelines, the requirements defined in the TourCert system and the assessment of companies.


The TourCert system is based on international quality and environmental management standards according to the ISO and EMAS, as well as the ISO guidelines on social responsibility (ISO 26000). As a sector-specific system it is compatible with the global sustainability criteria of the Global Sustainability Tourism Council (GSTC). The TourCert catalog of criteria for tour operators is officially recognized by GSTC.

TourCert Check – CSR introduction for incoming agencies 

TourCert has developed a simple introduction to the TourCert system for all companies: The TourCert Check, which offers the perfect solution for the implementation of a consequent sustainability management for tourism enterprises.


The Check comprises an introduction training regarding sustainable tourism, a corporate sustainability assessment and the implementation of CSR-measures. Applying the TourCert Check is simple and it promotes an improvement dynamic which leads to corporate qualification and enhancement of the sustainability performance. TourCert assesses the requirements by checking all statements and information.

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