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Highlights of the Andes | Otavalo Market & Surroundings

Otavalo – textiles – landscapes – crafts

This 2 day package brings you from Quito, capital of Ecuador to one of the biggest indigenous market in South America. Travel along the Andean Mountains and admire the beauty of ecuadorian highlands. The 2 day exploration of Otavalo village and its the picturesque valley of landscapes. Our guide is at your disposal for the whole 2 day trip to give you maximum flexibility in the visits that you would like to make. As Otavalo is famous for its textiles, many of the nearby villages and towns are famous for their own particular crafts. Cotacachi, for example, is the center of Ecuador’s leather industry. in San Antonio, where the local specialty is wood carving, the main street prominently displays carved statues, picture frames, and furniture.

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Highlights of the Andes | Otavalo Market & Surroundings

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