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Mitad del Mundo

Mitad del Mundo Complex

Join this 4-hour private tour to Mitad del Mundo and its surroundings to experiment with the phenomena that only happens in the Equator Line!

Duration: 3 ½ hours




Fifty minutes from the northwest of Quito (Ecuador) you will find this amazing “Middle of the World” experience. You will visit the current equatorial line and straddle the two hemispheres.
In Mitad del Mundo, in addition, you’ll have a chance to participate in several experiments on Intiñan Museum (such as watching the water goes down a drain in a different direction only inches away from either side of the equator, or balancing an egg on a nail, or using an ancient sundial, etc…)
In The Middle of the World city’s complex, you will be able to visit a fascinating ethnographical museum that gives a great overview of the many distinct cultures of this small country.
You will also enjoy the amazing landscape in Pululahua inhabited crater just 5 minutes from the latitude cero inside of the Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve.

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Mitad del Mundo Complex

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