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Anakonda Cruise

Anakonda Cruise

Following breakfast on board the Anakonda Cruise, we will head out to witness an astonishing natural phenomenon of the western Amazon basin. Groups of colorful parrots descend from the air to ingest the clay on some riverbanks almost every day. These sites, called “clay licks,” are unforgettable. Hiding behind a bird blind, you will have a chance (weather permitting) to view up to hundreds parrots and parakeets attracted to the toxin-reducing sodium-rich clay.
Our next activity will take us to the Sani Warmi Kichwa Interpretation Center, which showcases the arts, crafts, customs, traditions and everyday life of the local indigenous Kichwa community. After lunch, we will also stop at the Yakukawsay Kichwa Interpretation Center, where you will have a chance to buy handcrafted souvenirs and other locally produced goods.
Following dinner on board the Anakonda, we should be able to go on a fascinating evening walk in Yasuni National Reserve, depending on the weather. Nighttime is the prime time for feeding in the jungle; so as soon as the sun begins to set, numerous creatures emerge that can’t be seen during the day. At some point on the walk, we will ask you to turn off your flashlight and stay quiet to let your senses adapt to the darkness, listening to the symphony of rainforest sounds. This is when you’ll truly be able to appreciate the vastness of the Amazon jungle and its countless secrets.

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Anakonda Cruise

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