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Anakonda Cruise

Anakonda Cruise

On the Anakonda Cruise, we will continue sailing downriver until reaching the Pañayacu Biological Corridor, a sprawling primary forest that includes flooded and terra firma forest. Once there, we will travel by motorized canoe up another river to take in the sights of this amazing nature reserve.
We will all keep our eyes out for the legendary Pink river dolphins, common Squirrel monkeys and a host of other animals. However, since Pañacocha (meaning “Piranha Lake” in Kichwa) is an ecosystem flooded by white waters, the lakes and rivers here are also perfect for aquatic life such as the notorious piranha, as well as the White caiman and the Water monkey fish (“Arawana”). In the afternoon, the more daring members of the group can go for a cool, energizing swim in those same waters.
Later, everyone will assemble at a nearby camping site to savor a rich Amazonian-style BBQ and ice-cold drinks. Reinvigorated by our break, we will then strike out along trails deep into the rainforest, returning to the ship that evening for a well-deserved dinner.

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Anakonda Cruise

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