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Cabo Douglas

Cabo Douglas: 2 morning dives | Punta Vicente Roca: 2 afternoon dives

Cabo Douglas is located in the most nutrient-rich waters of Fernandina Island, and it offers an amazing drift dive for encountering marine iguanas, and penguins. Fur seals and sea lions also mingle with snacking marine iguanas, and penguins are likely to zoom past you. This morning we will make two (2) dives at Cabo Douglas.
This afternoon, we will make two (2) dives at Punta Vicente Roca. Located on the northwestern side of Isabela Island, Punta Vicente Roca is a wall dive to a maximum depth of 27 meters (90 feet). Visibility can be challenging in the shallows with averages of 2 – 5 meters (5 – 15 feet) in the colder times of the year. Deeper than 12 meters (40 feet) visibility usually increases to 12 – 24 meters (40 – 80 feet) and temperature drops rapidly. Punta Vicente Roca is one of the best wall dives in the Galapagos and allows a completely different landscape. The wall hosts invertebrates, sea horses, frogfish and other species. The outside of the wall will allow you to watch mola mola (sunfish) coming from the depths to cleaning stations. The current is negligible but surge can be moderate in the shallows.

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Cabo Douglas: 2 morning dives | Punta Vicente Roca: 2 afternoon dives

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