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Cousins Rock

Cousins Rock: 1 morning dive | Santa Cruz Island: Highlands

This morning we will make one (1) dive at Cousins Rock, which is another famous Galapagos dive sites. Located northeast of the coast of Santiago Island and north of Bartolome Island, Cousins Rock offers opportunity to sight seahorses, frogfish and nudibranchs. Sea lions, rays and pelagics are also common encounters. With a depth range from 3 – 27 meters (10 – 90 feet), Cousins Rock has an average visibility of 9 – 18 meters and a moderate current from the southeast. Surge is moderate in the shallow areas.
This afternoon we will arrive at either Itabaca Channel or Puerto Ayora, both on Santa Cruz Island. After lunch, guests will disembark at 1 pm to go ashore for a private bus tour to see the beautiful Highlands of Santa Cruz Island. This will include a scenic view over Santa Cruz and a giant tortoise reserve. After the hike, guests can walk through the town Puerto Ayora, shop and visit the Fausto Llerena tortoise-breeding center at the Charles Darwin Research Station. Guests will have dinner ashore at a local restaurant of their choice (the only meal not included in the cruise).

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Cousins Rock: 1 morning dive | Santa Cruz Island: Highlands

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