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Darwin Island

Darwin Island: 2 morning dives | Wolf Island: 2 afternoon dives

Darwin Island (also named Culpepper), honors the archipelago’s most famous visitor, Charles Darwin. Darwin Island is the northernmost island in the archipelago and is an incredible place for divers along with its nearby neighbor of Wolf Island. Although it has only a couple of dive sites, which are situated on the southeastern and northeaster sides of “Darwin’s Arch,” these dives can be absolutely overwhelming and divers often return to the boat awed by their experiences. Darwin’s Arch sits above the surface on a wide, flat plateau (rock platform), just off the southern end of Darwin Island. This is the only dive site at Darwin Island, but many visitors believe that it is the best dive site in the Galapagos Islands and one of the best dive sites in the world, especially from June to November, when the presence of the Humboldt Current is the strongest.
This afternoon, we will return to Wolf Island for two (2) additional dives.

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Darwin Island: 2 morning dives | Wolf Island: 2 afternoon dives

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