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Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz Island: 2 dives on Punta Carrion or Bartolome
Punta | Bartolome Island

This morning in Santa Cruz Island we will take two (2) dives at either Punta Carrion or Punta Bartolome, depending on conditions. At Punta Carrion, the dives are between 40 and 90 feet. During these, you are likely to see Whitetip reef sharks, stingrays, Eagle rays and Marbled rays, Scorpionfish, sea turtles and sea lions. As our alternative diving site, Punta Bartolome has 20 to 90-foot dives. On these, you can look forward to sighting groupers, Creole fish, Whitetip reef sharks, barracudas, Scorpionfish, sea turtles, Guinea puffer fish, Red-lipped batfish, reef coral, and occasionally Hammerheads and Bottlenose dolphins.
In the afternoon, we will head for land for some hiking on scenic Bartolome Island. Here, you will discover a fascinating moonscape formed by various volcanic formations — including lava bombs, spatter, cinder cones — as we hike to the island’s summit for striking views of the surrounding islands, Sullivan Bay and the towering Pinnacle Rock. As the beaches at the foot of the Pinnacle Rock boast some of the finest snorkeling in the islands, you can discover a marvelous underwater world here and have a good chance of finding sea turtles gliding gently alongside you. On the rocks beneath Pinnacle Rock, it is quite possible to spot some of the quick-as-an-arrow Galapagos penguins; at around 25 centimeters tall, these are members of the second smallest species of penguin in the world. Likewise, you are likely to see harmless Whitetip reef sharks sunning in these waters. For many visitors, this may turn out to be the best of snorkeling experiences, as the water here is generally clear, without too much surf and full of marine life.

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Santa Cruz Island: 2 dives on Punta Carrion or Bartolome
Punta | Bartolome Island

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