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South Plazas Island

South Plazas Island: Charles Darwin Research Station

South Plazas Island, This island is full of life. There are colonies of sea lions and land iguanas. On the steep banks it is possible to see a great number of birds such as nesting tropic birds and fork-tailed seagulls, but most of all, enjoying the beautiful view from atop the steep banks or strolling along the base of the cliff is an extremely pleasurable experience. The Opuntia cacti grow here too and the vegetation changes color according to the season of the year. Charles Darwin Research Station. Visit the world-famous Charles Darwin Station, a non-profit institution that dedicates itself to studying and protecting Galapagos wildlife. This is one of the best places to see land tortoises, including Lonely George, the last survivor of his subspecies. We will also visit the station’s Tortoise Rearing Center.

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South Plazas Island: Charles Darwin Research Station

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