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Yasuni Eco - Comfort Lodge | Amazon-Adventure in Sani Lodge!

Sani Lodge - Amazonas Basin – Indigenous communities - Nightwalk in the jungle - Wildlife Sani Lodge is a unique eco-lodge that works actively in ecotourism, community projects e..
Sani Lodge - Amazonas Basin – Indigenous communities - Nightwalk in the jungle - Wildlife Sani Lodge is a unique eco-lodge that works actively in ecotourism, community projects environmental conservation in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Is owned and operated by members of the Sani community, meaning that with their extensive knowledge of the Amazon wildlife and biodiversity they can give the Lodge guests the true experience of an Ecuadorian Amazon jungle tour. Come to Challuacocha and feel the mystery. Come to Challuacocha and experience the world of this eco-lodge.


  • Adventure program in international small groups
  • Accommodation in Bungalows in Jungle Lodge (incl. warm water, private bathroom)
  • 3x menu breakfast, 3x menu lunch/1x Box lunch, 3x menu dinner
  • Transport Coca - Jungle Lodge - Coca
  • All transports by land as per itinerary during the program
  • English speaking naturalist guide during the whole tour
  • All activities as mentioned (hikes, canoe trips, etc.)
  • Rubber boots and rain ponchos
  • Water, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, snacks
  • International flights
  • Tips
  • Additional drinks from the bar
  • National Park entrance fee $10,00
  • Parrot Clay-lick entrance fee $30,00
  • Pañacocha Lagoon entrance fee $15,00
Optional (Available upon request)
  • Transport from Quito to Coca and return (bus or plane)
  • 5 o more day tours in Sani Lodge

Tour Details :


A 35-minute flight from Quito to Coca is where your journey starts. There the staff will pick you up and transfer to a local hotel located on the banks of Napo River. There, your bilingual guides will explain about safety before embarking for a 2 ½ boat trip on the largest Ecuadorian affluent of the Amazon, the Napo River. During the journey you get a taste of the Amazon; ancestral communities, birds such as herons, egrets, vultures, while enjoying delicious packed lunch. The canoe ride is followed by a 15-minute walk through a flooded forest and 20-minute paddle canoe across the beautiful Challuacocha Lake. The staff will welcome you with refreshing cold drinks and snacks before you settle down in your cabins. Late afternoon, you will have a short walk on the nearby trails or a canoe ride with many chances to observe primates, Amazonian birds, black caimans and a close encounter with the amazing flora represented by cedar trees, orchids, and bromeliads. Return to the lodge, where our chef will be happy to offer a wide variety of national and international cuisine that caters vegetarians and vegans. Briefing about Amazonia will be given by one of our bilingual guides while enjoying Ecuadorian beers, spirits, and cocktails prepared by our bartender.
Day 1


To experience the Amazon after breakfast, experience the life on the treetops from the 36 meter (108 ft.) observation tower. To get there your leaders will paddle on the Challuacocha Lake for 30 minutes followed by a short 10-minute walk. Over 565 species of birds have been registered so far, including colorful birds such as macaws, toucans, honeycreepers, tanagers, flycatchers, hummingbirds and with a bit of luck a close view of a howler, squirrel monkeys or sloths resting on the canopy. The tower gives you a unique perspective, opening up a whole new world of Amazon biodiversity that is often difficult, if not impossible to see from the understory. The journey continues exploring the nearby trails searching for more Amazonian creatures. Return to the lodge for lunch After lunch, there are many alternatives for your enjoyment, bird-watching from the dining hall or simply get relaxed on the hammocks. In the afternoon, hike Chorongo or Coto trails, fantastic terra-firme forest to discover the relationships among the different living creatures and the role they play in this complex ecosystem. Orchids, vines, strangler figs, ancient trees; bromeliads are all part of this fabulous tropical rainforest. Diner at the lodge. After dinner explore our black-water Oxbow Lake, one of the increasingly rare havens for the endangered black caiman, supporting a healthy population of these large up to 6 meters (18ft.) long south-American crocodilian. Back to the lodge.
Day 2

Napo River

After breakfast departure to the Napo River to board the boat and visit the parrot-clay lick at Yasuní National Park for a wonderful view of hundreds of parrots searching for a gap to land and eat the earth. Here you will see Mealy Amazon, Yellow-crowned, Orange-winged, and Blue-headed parrots. Continue with a hike on the south of the Napo inside Yasuní National Park considered for scientists like the most biodiverse area in the world, here, some species that cannot be found in the north might be spotted: golden-mantled tamarins and spider monkeys, Blue and yellow macaws and with a bit of luck a close encounter with white-lipped or collared peccaries. Head back to Sani Community Center to visit a native house to get a taste of how a typical Kichwa family lives. Enjoy their food, drinks, customs, and culture of the Sani community and learn how the lifestyle of the locals is environmentally sustainable. Return to the lodge late in the afternoon for a well-deserved dinner. After dinner take a night walk to see how myriads of insects, spiders, and frogs come alive.
Day 3

Anakonda Amazon Cruise

After our experience in the Anakonda Amazon Cruise after breakfast, we head back to Coca, on the way have another look of the parrot clay lick. Arrive at Coca at 10:00 a.m. for the flight back to Quito. The operator reserves the right to change the itinerary without previous notice due to weather, regulations or unforeseeable circumstances

What to bring.

  • Cotton shirts
  • Small backpack (waterproof)
  • Insect repellent
  • Shorts, 2 or more
  • T-Shirts, 3 or more
  • Binoculars
  • Torch (flashlight)
  • Sunblock
  • Bathing suit
  • Cotton underwear
  • Original Passport
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat or cap
  • Water Canteen
  • Sweater
  • Toiletries
  • Long trousers
  • Cotton socks
  • Comfortable walking sandals
  • Money
Day 4

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